Sharing Real Travel Stories To Inspire Inquisitive,

Adventurous Travellers To Leave Their Comfort Zone

And Discover More Of The World.


Hello, we are Charlie and Jess and this is The Travel Project.

In 2016 we quit our jobs to travel the world. However, uninspired by the conventional traveller trails we dreamt of a new way of travelling, one that would enable us to see the places we visit through the eyes of locals, giving us genuinely unique experiences. That’s when The Travel Project was born


The Travel Project is the World’s first Instagram powered adventure.

It all began as an experiment: What would happen if we travelled the world using only the tips we received through Instagram to guide us? 

Since then we have used the app to connect with like-minded creatives and travellers across the globe. It has allowed us local insight, access to once-in-a-lifetime experiences and exposure to some incredible stories.

Through our Instagram and our Blog we want to share these stories and our experiences in order to inspire other inquisitive travellers to leave their comfort zones and discover more of the world. By telling these stories we hope to celebrate the unique people and cultures that make the world such brilliantly diverse place.