Hello, we are Charlie and Jess and this is The Travel Project.

In 2016 we quit our jobs to travel the world. However, uninspired by the conventional traveller trails we dreamt of a new way of travelling, one that would enable us to see the places we visit through the eyes of locals and give us unique experiences. Thats when The Travel Project was born. 

The Travel Project is the World’s first Instagram powered adventure. Using the app, we connect with like-minded creatives across the globe, allowing us to unearth local tips and once-in-a-lifetime experiences while gaining a greater understanding of the people and culture that ultimately give a place its identity. 

On 4th October 2016 we landed in Delhi with a one-way ticket and no itinerary. Since then we have taught refugee monks in the Himalayas, met the tattoo faced ladies of Myanmar, boxed in Johannesburg’s toughest neighbourhood and lived with an local family in Delhi - and we’re only just getting started!

Through Asia and Africa, across Europe and America, we’re on a once in a life time adventure and leaving it all in the hands of strangers.

Follow our journey... @the.travel.project