Sean Fisher (@mr.bootstraps) - Tennessee


Name: Sean Fisher

Hometown: Nashville

Instagram: @mr.bootstraps

Occupation/ Passion: Outdoor adventure and photography.



In Tennessee we collaborated with local outdoor photographer Sean Fisher AKA @mr.bootstraps. Happiest when he’s out exploring waterfalls and breathing in the great outdoors, Fisher’s pictures will make you want to pack your bags and head for the Tennessee countryside. 

In his own words, Sean tells us a bit about why he loves Tennessee and how it inspires his photography: 

“Tennessee is home. It may not have the elevation of the Rockies or the Pacific North West but it surprises with a fairly stout outdoor scene. While I constantly crave the western US exploration or an epic Patagonia trek, the bi-weekly road-trip to the Cumberland Plateau or Smoky Mountains keeps me sane!

Photography-wise, Tennessee pulls out my southern folk. I love incorporating some rambling subject into a southern backdrop. Being inspired by so many of the great Pacific North West photographers but living in the south lends itself to its own kind of look.”

Sean’s top tips for exploring the state:

Best Sunrise Spot:

About 45 minutes from downtown is Narrows of the Harpeth, and the overlook there gives the best country sunrise I can think of in the area.

Stephen's Gap Cave, AL

Stephen's Gap Cave, AL

Sunrise view from Narrows of the Harpeth

Sunrise view from Narrows of the Harpeth


Two hours East of Nashville is the Cumberland Plateau where you find some awesome waterfalls and canyons.

Fall creek falls has three awesome falls; Cane Creek, Rock House and the Great Falls.

Greeter falls is a great swimming hole and is a part of a little 2 miler loop with some other neat falls.

Virgin falls is also pretty cool. At the end of the 6 mile trail is a 100 foot waterfall falling from a cave into a sink hole. 

Ozone falls is a beautiful waterfall close to Knoxville

Image by @mr.bootstraps

Image by @mr.bootstraps

Image by @mr.bootstraps

Image by @mr.bootstraps

For the Adventurers:

The smokies are fantastic of course. Charlie's Bunion Trail, Mt. LeConte via the Alum Bluff Cave Trail is a great all around TN Trail.

Out of State:

Just outside of Huntsville AL is Stephen's Gap Cave - a sinkhole with a waterfall if it's rained recently or incredible light rays if it's dry.

Top Insider Tip:

If you're in TN over the summer, get yourself to Rock Island for a waterfall jumping-fest or to a sunset on Mt. Leconte in the Smokies.